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Aureus was built around the idea that a framework for self-worth today reduces domestic violence tomorrow. And teaching children how valuable they are is so much greater than a curriculum piece or a subject in one class. Self-worth is so foundational and so important that it must be integrated throughout a child’s education. 

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs teaches us how certain needs must be met in order for us to grow as people. At it’s core, Aureus Impact knows that self-worth groundwork must be laid for people to thrive, for people to have healthy relationships and for the cycle of domestic violence to be broken. And this is how the Infinite Worth Initiative was born. 

Aureus’s educational endeavor, the Infinite Worth Initiative, aims to equip and empower educators to teach their students about their innate value and infinite worth. The term “initiative” refers to an opportunity, take charge, take leadership and make an impact. It’s the first in a series of actions…actions that will result in a world where domestic violence doesn’t stand a chance. 

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